Directed Study

The Nelson Institute offers two opportunities for students to participate in directed study course work: Environmental Studies 199 intended for freshmen and sophomores and Environmental Studies 699 intended for juniors and seniors. The latter course requires that students have had previous or concurrent exposure to the subject at an intermediate level.

A directed study offers the student an opportunity to work with a faculty member on an individual study program that has developed from a concept or problem in a previous course that a student would like to further investigate. The availability of directed study courses are based on the student's preparation and a faculty member's willingness to work with the student.

Arranging a directed study is the responsibility of the student. The student needs to approach appropriate faculty members in their specific areas of interest to locate someone who will sponsor the directed study and confirm the requirements and expectations of the study, as well as the number of credits the student will earn. Each professor determines the content of his or her directed study courses.

Directed Study and Internships

Course credit is earned by completing courses with academic content. If you have an internship that is related to work you've done in a previous course and you would like to continue that work both academically and with your internship you may approach a faculty member with a directed study proposal. It is at the discretion of the faculty member if he or she will agree to sponsor the directed study.

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To register for a directed study, please have the instructor email the Nelson Institute Timetable Coordinator indicating the term, number of credits and the student's ID number.