Freewheels and Freedom

Directed by Krista Rasmussen

A ride through Madison bike culture


Peering into the world of Freewheel, one will discover that the ways people use and get their bicycles are as diverse as the people themselves. Freewheel is a free bicycle repair shop where anyone can build a free bike. After three hours of volunteering in the shop and helping others to build free bicycles, you get to build your own bike and ride off— FREE. A meditation (mostly on wheels) into how Madison is striving to make bicycling an easy alternative to motor transportation for all people, no matter their income level. Madison's people of the bicycle agree: "winter, summer, rain or shine," bicycling provides a sense of freedom and is just more fun!


Camera: Krista Rasmussen
Music: "Blue Jean Attack," The Retainers
Thanks: Freewheel Community Workshop, located at 2326 S. Park Street in Madison, Wisconsin,

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