Directed by Kathleen Masterson

The ultimate recycling machine


In a state where industrial dairies are replacing familyrun farms, this dairy goliath in northeastern Wisconsin is working to lessen the vast environmental impact of the bovine lifecycle. In addition to significant fossil fuel usage, a farm this size produces more than 150 million pounds of manure each year or the weight equivalent of 60,000 Honda Civics. So... Holsum Dairy is striving to minimize their environmental impact by recycling every part of the cow. But the lingering question remains—what is the cost of human interference in nature’s cycles?


Camera: Kathleen Masterson
Music: "The Smiler," Scott Joplin
Thanks: Holsum Dairies, LLC; Ken Buelow; Brian Ekdale and Kirk Vander Dussen. My teachers--Judith Helfand, Sarita Siegel, Gregg Mitman, and Erika Simon--and all the amazing students in our class for their feedback, suggestions and support.

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