I'm In a Badger State of Mind

Directed by Peter Boger

A totemic cult so big . . . only the high priests of Badgerdom truly understand


Everyone knows that Wisconsin is the "Badger State," but what is a Wisconsin badger really? This film explores the cultural history of badgers and meets self-proclaimed Wisconsin Badgers, including UW-Madison’s elite team of "Bucky Badgers." Why are badgers so important to Wisconsin? Everyone has answers at the ready, but are their feelings about this icon grounded in fact or fiction? In history, nature or imagination?


Camera: Peter Boger, Jesse Mursky-Fuller, Kathleen Masterson
Music: "If You Want to Be a Badger," Peter Allen, solo guitar and UW-Madison Marching Band; "On, Wisconsin," MaryLee Haughwout, solo trumpet
Archival Images: Courtesy of UW-Madison University Communications, UW Archives, and the Wisconsin Historical Society
Thanks: Gregg Mitman, Judith Helfand, Sarita Siegel, Erika Simon and the IES 402 film students for unflagging support and help editing; Megan Christenson, Paul Heiberger, Elizabeth Mills, Chris Uejio, Katie Songer, and Christine Vatovec for voiceover work; Jeff Miller, Gwen Evans, and UW-Madison University Communications; Bernie Schermetzler and UW Archives; the entire staff of the UW-Madison Digital Media Center; and Josette Scheer and all seven of the "Bucky Badgers."

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