Weston Roundtable Archives

Fall 2017

September 07
Scaling the Decarbonization Mountain
STEPHEN BRICK, Senior Fellow, Climate and Energy, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

September 14
Even Big Data Start Small: Crowdsourcing for Environment and Health
LEA SHANLEY, Executive Co-Director, South Big Data Innovation Hub, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

September 21
Is Rice Really Nice? Waterbirds and Agriculture in South Asia
GOPI SUNDAR, Director, SarusScape Program, International Crane Foundation

September 28
Taking the High Road in U. S. Cities and States
JOEL ROGERS, Sewell-Bascom Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs and Sociology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

October 05
Sustainability and Science in the Anthropocene
JOSH TEWKSBURY, Director, Colorado Global Hub, Future Earth

October 12
How much, if any, "sustainable” beef can the U. S. have?
GIDON ESHEL, Research Professor of Environmental Physics, Bard College, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

October 17
SAGE Smorgasbord
TRACEY HOLLOWAY, HOLLY GIBBS, MUTLU OZDOGAN, CHRIS KUCHARIK, Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE), University of Wisconsin-Madison

October 26
Growing Healthy Soil For Healthy Communities — A Tale of Innovative Community, Academic, and Public Health Partnering
DR. SANJIB BHATTACHARYYA, Laboratory Director City of Milwaukee Health Department

November 02
Finding 100% Renewable Electricity: It’s Easier Done Than Said
DAVE BARBIER, Coordinator, The Office of Sustainability, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point

November 09
The Science, Business and Education of Sustainable Infrastructure: Building Resilience in a Changing World
DAVID BLOCKSTEIN, Chief Scientist, National Council for Science and the Environment

November 16
Got Gold? The Human and Environmental Impacts of Gold Mining: Evidence from the Peruvian Amazon
WILLIAM PAN, Assistant Professor, Global Health Institute, Duke University

November 30
Synthetic Biology and the Conservation of Nature
KENT REDFORD, Principal, Archipelago Consulting Portland, Maine

December 07
Seed systems for small holder farmers
FRED RATTUNDE, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics

Spring 2018

February 01
Lights Out: Climate Change Risks to Internet Infrastructure
PROF. PAUL BARFORD, Department of Computer Sciences, UW–Madison

February 08
Destruction as Development: Lessons from Pouring Concrete to Save People and the Environment
BILL ROBICHAUD, Global Wildlife Conservation

February 15
Nelson Institute Supply Chain Workshop
CAITLIN CLARKE, Senior Supply Chain Fellow, The Nature Conservancy

February 22
UW Climate Change Symposium

March 01
at 4:15PM L. Lengnick: "Climate Change, Resilience and the Future of Food" and at 6PM M. Anderson: "Food Systems Transformation: What Is Necessary and Why?"

March 08
Mobilizing Capital in the Transition to a More Regenerative Agriculture
DAVID LEZAKS, Delta Institute

March 15
Rethinking How We Disinfect Water Distribution Systems
MARK LECHEVALLIER, Principal with Dr. Water Consulting, LLC

March 22
Forecasting Outcomes of Ecological Restoration at Landscape Scales
TREVOR CAUGHLIN, Department of Biological Sciences, Boise State University

April 05
Let Them Eat Bugs! Insects and the Quest for Sustainable Protein
VALERIE STULL, co-Founder, the Mission to Improve Global Health Through Insects (MIGHTi); PhD Candidate, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison

April 12
An Interdisciplinary Breakdown of the Wisconsin Central Sands Water Conflict
MALLIKA NOCCO, David H. Smith Postdoctoral Conservation Fellow, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

April 19
The Refugee Archipelago: A global assessment of the enviro-climatic marginality of UNHCR refugee camps
JAMON VAN DEN HOEK, PH.D., College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University

April 26
The ‘Unconventional’ Energy – Water Nexus: Marcellus Shale gas development in Appalachia
PROFESSOR WILLIAM BURGOS, PH.D., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Penn State University