Weston Roundtable Archives

Fall 2016

September 08
Modeling and Evaluating the Impacts of Air Pollution and Climate Policies
NOELLE ECKLEY SELIN, Associate Professor, Associate Director, Technology & Policy Program, Institute for Data, Systems & Society Dept of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science MIT

September 15
Hurricanes and Climate: What We Know and How Well We Know It
JAMES P. KOSSIN, Ph.D, NOAA Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

September 22
The Bolivian Eco-Municipality: A New Sustainability Framework?
WILLIAM POWERS, Senior Fellow, World Policy Institute

September 29
Satellite-Based Evapotranspiration for Landscape Response Mapping and Drought Monitoring
GABRIEL SENAY, Ph.D., P. E., Research Physical Scientist, U. S. Geological Survey Earth Resources Observation and Science Center (EROS)

October 06
Urbanization and Global Environmental Change
FELIX CREUTZIG, Head of the Land Use, Infrastructure and Transport Working Group, Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC)

October 13
Climate Change Projections and Implications for the Great Lakes Region
MICHAEL NOTARO, Associate Director, Center for Climatic Research, University of Wisconsin – Madison

October 20
Phenology's Effects on the High Arctic Inuit
CARLOS VELAZQUEZ, Board of Directors, Center for Human-Earth Restoration

October 26
Deescalating the Energy Wars

October 27
No lecture scheduled.

November 03
Beyond Local: Using Public Food Procurement to Support a More Equitable and Sustainable Food System
ALEXA DELWICHE, Executive Director, Center for Good Food Purchasing

November 10
Technology Aimed at Aggressively Pursuing Accelerated Electric Vehicle Adoption
REGAN ZANE, USTAR Endowed Professor and Director, Center for Sustainable Electrified Transportation (SELECT), Utah State University

November 17
The Social and Environmental Ecology of Health: Findings from The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin
KRISTEN MALECKI, Assistant Professor, Population Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

November 24
No lecture scheduled.

December 01
Satellite Observed Nighttime Lights — More Than A Pretty Picture
TOMMY JASMIN, Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison

December 08
Climate Change and Human Rights: Lessons from the Paris Agreement
SUMUDU ATAPATTU, Director of Research Centers, University of Wisconsin Law School

Spring 2017

January 26
Building Collaborative Teams To Address Wicked Problems: Myths And Models
DAVID GOSSELIN, Professor of Earth Science, Director of Environmental Studies, School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska

February 02
Decision-Making for Sustainability: An Owner’s Manual
JOE ARVAI, University of Michigan

February 09
Learning and Teaching on Energy: from Large-Scale Complex Systems to a Time of Political Polarization
JOHN GREENLER, UW–Madison / Wisconsin Energy Institute

February 13
On The Path To Sunshot And Beyond: Recent Progress And Long-Term Targets For Solar Technology
DR. ROBERT MARGOLIS, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

February 16
No lecture scheduled.

February 23
Climate Resiliency Planning and Buildings: Lessons from the Field
DOUGLAS AHL, Director of Research, Seventhwave

March 02
Central Africa Biodiversity Alliance: Mapping Evolutionary Process in the Face of Climate Change
NICOLA ANTHONY, University of New Orleans

March 09
Environmental Impacts of Evolving Consumer Technology
ANDREA HICKS, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), UW-Madison

March 16
Tropical Agriculture Mapping Through the Clouds, in the Cloud
CAITLIN KONTGIS, Research Scientist, Descartes Labs

March 23
No lecture scheduled.

March 30
The Riddle of Flood Hazards in a Changing World
DANIEL WRIGHT, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering UW–Madison

April 06
Sustainability Through Policies that Integrate Environment and Development
ALEXANDER PFAFF, Professor, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University

April 13
Deltas and Humans: A Long Relationship now Threatened by Global Change
THOMAS S. BIANCHI, Jon and Beverly Thompson Endowed Chair of Geological Sciences, University of Florida