For Prospective Students

New and continuing Nelson Institute students will find below links to a range of useful, and in some cases essential, information.

For Graduate Students

The Graduate Degree/Certificate Requirements and Forms section of this website contains most of what you need -- and need to know -- to meet the requirements of your graduate program(s), from initial enrollment though graduation. If any link on this page is indispensable, this is it.

Funding: A Guide to Graduate Funding Opportunities is our primer on the types of financial support available to graduate students.

For All Students

Students in the Nelson Institute are active on many fronts. See our Student Organizations and Activities page for further information.

Various opportunities are available on and off campus to supplement your formal education with an eye toward broadening your experience and strengthening your credentials.

Our environmental jobs board provides a current listing of jobs, internships and graduate funding in the areas of environment and sustainability.

Community Events

State Parks and Recreational Opportunities