Research resources

Research Protection Act

This draft Research Protection Act template, developed by UW law professor Richard Monette, provides a model for native nation legislative bodies or other appropriate institutions to conform and adapt as needed. The document is a variation of others adopted by several native nations and by the Tribal Nations Research Group. The Great Lakes Indian Law Center in the UW Law School is willing to help develop specific research agreements between UW-Madison and native nations. (Please note that the Research Protection Act is of no legal effect until officially adopted by a native nation.)

Download Research Protection Act draft

Tribal Nations Research Group

The Tribal Nations Research Group promotes high-quality research relevant to the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in North Dakota and may provide a model for research relationships in Wisconsin and elsewhere. It provides custom-fit data and data ownership and promotes public and private economic development and opportunity. The group also provides quality research education materials designed to educate the community about research and the research process, according to standards established by the TNRG.

NCAI Policy Research Center

The National Congress of American Indians Policy Research Center is a national, non-profit think tank dedicated to generating research and policy analyses that advance tribal sovereignty and emphasize the strengths of American Indian and Alaska Native cultures. It supports tribes and American Indian and Alaska Native communities working to develop research oversight processes and policies and has developed a curriculum, Research that Benefits Native People: A Guide for Tribal Leaders.